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Walking, wondering, wishing,
hoping, dreaming, thinking,
What could've been, should've been,
if you didn't slam that door again.
Icy cold, the winter wind,
blowing fierce against my pale skin.
Faces pass by, everything a blur,
too busy hoping you aren't with her.
These white pills aren’t enough to explain,
Why I’m crying, trying to numb the pain.
Mommy’s at home with so many tears to dry,
Trying to explain to my young brother when he asks “Why?”
Please don’t leave, please don’t go,
We all love you, we hope you know.
Times get hard and life gets tough,
At least we’ve got each other, isn’t that enough?
Sometimes late at night my heart feels empty,
When I try to come up with a reason why you ever left me.
We need you now, we need you close,
This is too lonely of a world to face alone,
Daddy please come home.

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