Homage to "It's Raining in Love" by Richard Brautigan


I don't why I do it.

I just can't seem to take

My eyes off a boy when I

   Like him.


I steal glances.

I start to wonder things,

listen and try

   To decipher,


                And find

   hidden meanings in what he says.


If he says "How are you today?"

and I say "Pretty good,"

I wonder whether he really wants to know

    how I am.


My friends tell me,

"If he's really interested in you,

   you'll know.

Don't go searching, love will find you."


What they say is very true,

And love isn't something that one goes

on a quest to find.

    Love just comes along and taps

    your shoulder.



if a boy can't stop looking at me

and looks away when I look back

and his face turns a slight pink

and hangs on to every word I say

and I ask him

"How are you today?"

and startled, he says "Oh! I'm good."

and hastily adds "and how about you?"

and looks genuine and listens

to my words like a sweet melody.

I think: Thank God it's you overthinking this time

    instead of me.


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