Holy-Day will Come

We have saved Millions
Of litre of Fuel.
While we aren't
Out for a ride.

The skies seem clearer
We have momentarily paused
The generation of Air Pollution
And Smog clouds up there.

We have given the
Much needed space and
Time for the nature
To heal itself and Us.

We have slept few
Extra hours and woke up
Without worrying about
Busy routines. Oh, let's not
Forget the micro panic attacks
We get due to
Early morrow alarms.

We actually are spending
Quality time with family
And encouraging dears
To stay safe.

We have developed a
Habit of keeping a check
On the latest news
And staying updated with
The world.

We have become self conscious
About cleanliness, hygiene
And probably have time
To recollect long
Forgotten hobbies.

We have realized that
'Health' is the 'Real Wealth'
And prevention is far
Better than cure.

The annoying
Honking noises have
Been replaced with the
Birds Chirping, tree's waving
And leaves rattling.

We have all become
Super Heroes and
Are praying, offering gratitude
To everyone around Us.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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