Holding Fast

I did not come this far to stop.

I came to dance

to sing

to be Myself.

to better myself.

to embrace Myself

past, present, and


I'm not the past

I'm gtting past

th chains that bound me

to the earth.

The sack on my back?

It's not full of bones.

It holds my dreams

and I'm


letting go.

I'm not prideful

I'm proud

of My People

My Family

of loving the me

that was bettered in Christ.

I'm not afraid.

I fear GOD

and he gives me strength

to keep going.

I'm not blind

I refuse to see

the easy way out.

It doesn't suit me.

I didn't come this far to stop.

I simply came to be.

My past,


And future

will teach me

how to

Be Me.

Be Free.




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