Hitherto Nevermore


Here here, come come, I say I say 
Thou sullen traveler, ye irksome stray. 
Where forego thy errands lie,
Whither thou goest over stone and under sky,
To reach what destination thereby? 

         Hitherto hitherto, forward bound, 
         But nevermore nevermore, I go around
         So I may trod some other ground 
         For thou hast rid me of my solitude, 
         A thing I crave as much as food. 

But wait but wait I sincerely implore,
Wait for but a moment more. 
Thy voice has a ring the ear can see, 
A certain pitch, a matchless degree, 
Canst it be? Canst it be?  

       Canst it be what thou dreadful, dreadful fool,
       Who art as pale as a miserly ghoul 
       And whose face is damp with drool.
       Let me cross my bridge in quiet now 
       Or your death I shall allow. 

But listen but listen my mirror, my master, 
If you desire to evade disaster. 
Naught but naught am I becoming,
But I was thee in time still forthcoming, 



Masterful rythym, I thouroughly enjoyed.

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