Everyday its the same routine

Bell rings, we sit, and you begin bitching

About some random fight that happened between freshmen

We're all seniors and should know better

Than to video tape fights and/or laugh about them later

Mintutes go by as you continue to complain

Do you really think this will make anything change ?

For Gods Sake can you just teach some history ?!

No of course not, just continue our misery

You begin your lecture half an hour later

Saying something about that Chinese dictator

I look around and as usual most of the class is sleep

Or sneeking to tweet on twitter

Want to know why all we do is complain?

Because the more we listen to you our brains feel like they decay

You really suck at teaching 

you should consider a career in preaching

I dont know how I survive coming to your class

But when that bell rings you can kiss my ass






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