His Demand


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I can regretfully hear diminishing demands to a three-year-old.


This is right! This is wrong. Even though he is not your foundation, he shall still try to command what he could not before.


He see’s in this three-year-old what he did not see in myself and his children.

He casts rules and mind-boggling demands.


High expectations as if to everyone he’s talking to is 15 seconds away from jumping 8,000 feet into Suburbia to fight for blood and honor.


He was taught to honor.

HisH nor became his illness of the mind, heart and soul!


The way he opened his mouth, spoke of flourishing flames from HELL!


He knows not because I have not!

He refuses to see the faults of his own!

He is right! Always, supposed to, without any circumstances, the high majesty of all rulers is damned to be right.


He knows nothing of what you blabber to be of any importance.

He refused eye contact and feelings.

His feelings were taken away from him.


That why when they are shown right in front of him, he doesn’t even recognize it.


He abandons people in the dark.

He drives people away in broad daylight.

His 17-year-old looks at him, nothing more on his mind than for you to get out of his sight.

This poem is about: 
My family


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