One by one they pass by

Looking down upon the girl that sells herself

There eyes yell disgusting words and hatred


They don't even try to look into her dull blue eyes

No matter how much they scream for help

Nobody listens

Not even one


There he sits with his tailored suit

He looks rich and kind

But his sickening bright white smile

And sick eyes tell a different story

A vile story filled with screams and dark secrets


She tried to run but only got twenty feet out of the door before he caught her

He threw her inside and his fists demanded obedience

And she surrendered


They all surrendered one by one

Each one made an example for others

Until they broke into a million pieces


And even when they thought they couldn’t break any more

He exploited them across the internet

Made them accept men into their bodies that did not want

And they still had to get dressed and leave to give him the money

So they wouldn’t be beaten or forcefully entered by him


And when they think they have hope it quickly catch stolen by him

So they feel worthless and undesired

And then they spiral down and down into the dark with no end


And when the authorities do catch him

They do not give up names, they do not give up him

Because there are others out there just like him

And they are afraid of them and him

So the cycle just repeats over and over and over again


With no end


This poem is about: 
Our world


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