By Trace DePass

The first time I ever cried over spilled milk I spotted my virginity on the back of a carton. There, lay a portrait of a piece of me I've been genuinely missing for some time now.


I always wondered why men view sex as coronation and "no" as a woman who's trying his patience.


Well, maybe she said "maybe" before she said "yes". So, yes, but nahh, I couldn't have. "We was just having sex." It was consensual. Though, I did already assume so and, truthfully, I ain’t know. I mistook her, laying down on my bed, as an open invitation to her insides, like most boys. I am still a boy, not an excuse for presumptuous promiscuity. Becoming a man means taking accountability, not somebody's innocence. I came to this realization when she walked of shame to the bus. Her friends told me she wept all the way home until she put the keys in the door and died inside. I always wondered why she buried herself 6 feet under so much make-up. Still, think I'd prefer her all natural, so it's easier to imagine her naked. Let's face it I am a boy after all, right? But, nahh, it was never alright. All of a sudden, I hated myself nearly as much as she did the morning after. She notices. She never had an orgasm, her body just made more spasms from when guys called her whore. Tantrums leftover from each & every guy she had been with, or fathomed in her bedroom masquerade, where mascara turns her more facade than face. Imagine that lipstick made her smiles look so real, it's ridiculous. She smiles nonetheless, telling me she wants to be a model and that attention was the only true love she had ever known. But, all girls be just another "she", nowadays.


She so used to being just pronouns that you'd think they'd take action like a verb. But, all their passion seems subjective when these women want to be heard. Though, they should be proactive in their predicate, pardon if men get deterred. It's just that when you make your face like that, we can't hear a single word. It just sounds like you're 'asking for it'."


I've realized that having a daughter is one of the scariest stories that I know of.


If Jada's hymen falls and she bleeds the color as the women who lost their lives to Ted Bundy, does she make a "yes"?


If a misogynist fucks some slut and no one hears her "Help me" does she have a case? Does she even have a "No"? Were there polyps on her vocal cords or a penis? Do Rape Culture got her tongue?


1. Girl

2. Many. More than

3. billion women

4. Men to hold back and hi-

five. over.


1. Drink.

2. Ruffies.

3. Boys thinking "Sleeping Beauty" was a metaphor

4. A foursome.

5. years in prison, if that. That shit can make a virus [sick]. [6.] [6.]

Six. Heaven must not be made for women. It is a man-made thing, not unlike the names of guys trying to fill every hole they can find, with themselves, in contrast to the name-calling of girls that have made mistakes.



Come one, cum all. Watch NY1 broadcast 24/7 coverage of propaganda until it's been dumb-down to a double-standard. Note, I was born in Queens, where we don't treat women like it. Here, this tradition has been passed down since crowning and since then men are quicker to toss around the family jewels than 'rocks off' at a lake.


God-forbid a person take pride in their vagina, it's arbitrary. All men say "not all men" until it's being said to their little princesses at home. Then, they start noticing how children are getting sexualized. Disney only had one princess that was protagonist. So it makes sense. I guess all the rest of them had to wait, on him.


Hand & foot, she stay subservient. Woman never taught to be human. Man always taught to be Messiah, just as jealous and wrathful as he is. Meanwhile, they both never show their face when you call him out on it.  Why are they so chauvinistic? It might be because we were created in his image, so those patriarchal hands gave him the perpetual okey-doke.


Still, I always wondered why men view sex as coronation, and every "no" as a bitch who's trying his patience.


It’s probably because too many neigh-says make way for womanhood to overthrow him. Him.

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