I’m turning, I’m turning, 15 today

I wonder if 15 will make me queen of the May

I flop down on my pink bedspread and pull up the pink sheets

I’m waiting for my mom to tuck me in


They say High School is all fun and games

but I think that the grown ups have forgotten the plays

So many people saying what I’m doing is wrong

I’m just gonna hunker down until the storm is gone


I’m turning, I’m turning 16 today

I wonder if 16 will make my fears go away

I don’t know if I’ll grow wings and soar into the sky

but I’m turning, I’m turning 16 in summer time


Sophomore, Sophomore that's what I am today

all of the freshmen know I am here to stay

This morning a Senior stopped and asked my name

Flamboyant hair, no sense of style

a wild, reckless kind of smile


I’m turning, I’m turning 17 today

I wonder if at 17 I’ll meet the guy that's gonna stay

but anyway I’m 17 today


A small smile, and a soft warm kiss

I really hope that 18 will be able to top this

a moment under the bleachers

full of bliss oh 17 feels like heaven

in his kiss


I’m 18, 18 tuned just this May

and now I’m so dang ready to run away

I got my diploma in one hand, one foot out the door

Got my car in fourth gear and I’m screeching away

I don’t have a boyfriend

no ones standing in my way

leaving Mexico on my way to Vegas

the life I’m living is just outrageous!



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