High School

Note: This poem is not based off real people or events, any resemblance is completely coincidental.


Tomorrow is Thursday

I’ll be remembered, in my own way.

I’m showing them all, I don’t care what they say

They’ll all be dead, anyway.


Dear sweet Elaine,

You’ve caused so much pain.

All of hurt you’ve inflicted, it brought you no gain.

I’ll protect others, and you must be slain.


Hey, Becky,

Did you see what you did to me?

Why are you dating Leslie?

And you told me off so (supposedly) sweetly

Well, your dead carcass will be such a lovely

Sight for me to see.



Don’t come to class tomorrow, or do, I don’t care

I’ll be happy to relish your cold, lifeless stare.

When we were kids, you laughed about me in your childish lair,

Well, I’ll love the blood on your blond hair.


For Louis,

I know that you won’t be missed,

Because it was my girlfriend that you kissed.

You’re just another worthless person on my list.

So say your final words before you’re vanquished.



Why do you try to decline me?

I have seen, you can’t be happy

Without some guy blowing all his money

And giving you both himself and some coffee.


For Mina,

I’ll kill both you and Marina,

And your pathetic friend Riana,

For bullying and hating me, spreading the “white boy” stigma.

I’ll be laughing as your blood and fluids drip out of ya!


For that jerk Augustus,

You knew I wouldn’t do that with you, that staring was crass!

And showed you’re a homosexual with no class.

Well, you’ll get off to me shooting you in Math.


Here’s to Zack,

For not letting me come to your end-of-school bash

Was it worth it for my girlfriend when you smashed?

Well, I’ll love to see your family crash,

When they try to identify you in the aftermath.

And I’ll let you have this:

When you leave your house,

Give your parents their last kiss.

You’ll be one that they’ll miss.


I’ll see their pain and sorrow,

So here’s your last warning.

Don’t come to class tomorrow.



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