“Outcasts are unwanted,” we often praise

But do we try to understand how they are living their days?

Ridiculed, taunted, just jokes to make you laugh

things to make you forget about the quiet you don’t have.


Unfortunately, our standards are almost sky high,

even the flawless VIP’s can’t deny

Society is telling us that we are imperfect,

how did the celebrities become so worshipped?


What we didn’t know is that we’re all alike,

we all have the same fears haunting us at night

How we react is what makes us different,

You can understand, accept change, or be ignorant.


We all have demons keeping us up at night,

but to learn from them, do we even try?

So how do we live, when all we do is hide

from the pain we cause, hidden deep inside.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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