Hide Your Words

What is my motive in sharing my poetry?
See , me being me, you would think im loud just speaking openly,
But honestly, I'd rather make sureeee nobody's noticing
Poetry- allows us to start focusing on tears falling, Its the same painting I've been drawing,
Drowning in the tears that have dropped in the past, so my futures at risk because my thoughts have just asked
Questions about My Worth,
That hurts, but pain doesnt cause tears to form that would be Words.
I could think about life and my idea of an idle mind.
I swear its really not that hard to be deep when your bored,
I'm stuck in life
I guess it's because gravity makes you stick to the floor.
My motive in reciten my poetry - to bring out whats inside people.
But have Fun keeping it inside.



Youre amazing at this poem life, or should I say expressing whats right. I love this. I wish to be on youre level one day, lol.


That was tooooo niceeeee :) i appreciate you and the comment. Ive had a horrible week, that was very uplifting ... Lbs.

Hot Rod

Truth is, no one cares about your feeling so you come on here to be heard. I pity you. You will never make it in the poem world if u keep writing your feelings down. Try writing about real stuff, something only brighter minds can relate to.


hot rod you stole my idea i came on here just to say that.


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