Hidden Media

young children are dying daily in Syria  

Kashmir is bleeding daily  

Yemen is crying daily  

Panjab is still recovering from the tears of 1947

blood and tears is what is filled the radcliffe line 

with the wounds of 1984 fresh in the heart  

so much violence so much terror 

the Sikh genocide 

the Bangladesh genocide 

bombs exploding on borders 

humans killing humans 

Gujarat riots, the Bombay riots 

the Holocaust

the Armenian genocide

hidden genocides 

Black genocide conspiracy theory

government conspiracies  

people are still crying and crying 

Yazidis are currently dying 

so many mothers are waiting for their children to return 

Indigenous people of America  

had their homes stripped away  

dirty politics are no good

pain is filled everywhere  

Iraq, Palestine, Turkey, 

Afghanistan, and Pakistan – do I need to say more …


what do we know of terror?

                     ask those whose home is a war zone. 

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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