hiding behind the black, and white scene 
people always being so cruel and mean
losing all self worth and respect
finding all the basics called cause and effect 
as you take a look around and walk through life,
you push and pull with all your strife
but yet they only see the bad things
instead of all the good brings
i begin to wonder why am i so hidden
you look at the clock it says out of time
but stop and remember that you are divine 
know your worth girl, your more than a penny
they say its bad to have flaws ,but yet i have many
 i used to sit and pick at everyone of them 
because what started as a flower ended with the stem
look at your smile and never let it fade away
because words are only things that people say
stop trying to be someone else ,its a mistake
because not only is not you, but its fake
stop wasting your time being someone your not
You are you , no one can stop your shine, you see
so don't change for anyone , be the person you want to be
If I could be someone, who is different from them all,
 i would look and say mirror mirror on the wall
what do i see, i see a person and that person is me.
if you could be anyone who would you be? 
I would say be yourself, its priceless, its free
so don't stay behind the walls , and be forbidden 
reach out , be you , unclogged, unhidden.


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