Hi, My Name Is...

Tue, 05/28/2013 - 19:50 -- dcoty


United States
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No one knows you,
So you introduce yourself.
Hi my name is-
And it goes okay.
No one knows you yet.
But then
You slip.
The ice creeps in
So slowly that the freezing encroach goes unnoticed.
Suddenly you’re viewing everyone
from behind a sheet of ice.
You feel isolated-
But know that
are the only one
who can break through it
and reconnect.
But you wait
until you get desperate.
Desperate to be on the other side
with everyone else.
Throwing whatever you can,
words, sharp objects,
breaking it down with your hands.
when you break through
and the ice shatters apart
everyone turns towards you.
Too many faces look at you,
not judging,
but you feel that way.
Or worse
no one notices-
notices you broke through,
that you stand among the ruined shards
of your ice wall.
And you feel yourself
back behind that wall.
Maybe it’s thinner
or there’re others with you,
But it’s crystallized once more.
And eventually you’ll be desperate enough to break it down again.


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