hi im i dont know if you care

i wonder

ever since that day 

if maybe its possible 

hes written of me.


every day it kills me

drills hols in my heart

slices into my soul

just the suffocating question

hanging in dead air...

has he written of me?


two years and counting 


counting the tears that have fallen

the doors slammed 

the nights left wide awake

the dreams id cling to for days after waking from

counting the times

i wrote of him


did i ever cross his mind

did he ever realy tknow

was i ever even there

or was i just a shadow in the background


these quesions swelled my head

and though they have faded for the most part 

the worst of all still remains

like a whisper in the void

ash left from the flames

did he ever

does he ever

write of me


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