Hey There, Shithead

Hey there, shithead!

Yeah, you,

The one with the degrees.

Do you think sitting here,

Being a student is a breeze?

Do you think that we can

Sit here for hours on end,

Go home to do our chores,

Do your damned homework,

And get a good night's rest with ease?

Tell me what is going on

In your oh-so-educated head,


Because, with your 'teaching style,'

I'd rather learn from cheese.

When something goes wrong in your class,

It's somehow my fault? Geez!

I'm seen more responsibility

At the zoo, from the monkeys.


So, Miss Director...

You've finally got the supplies needed for my class?

And yet, because I didn't get it from you on the day you finally got it,

Because you told me about it thirty minutes before school was out,

I'm the lazy the one?

You've been sitting on your fat ass!

Come on! Lecture me!

I'm not listening to you.

You, who deserve no respect from me,

Since you can't get your shit together,

But judge others so freely.

Do you think just because your fat ass sits behind a desk,

In the office,

With a fancy title,

That you can do whatever you want?

That you can be a hypocritical hippopotamus?

Gods! You're beyond annoying...


Thankfully, I have less than a year left.

Then I'll be out, and you'll be saying "Good job,"

With that shit grin on your face.

And all the teachers shall sit in the same place,

With a new round of kids who feel so displaced.

Tell me, why is it that the student is supposed to be

The responsible one, mature, with no authority?

Does the system recieve glee

From watching us suffer so miserably?

Do you think that just because you've achieved a higher status,

Have more years and pounds than us,

You have recieved the right to be an ass?

To place your faults

Onto your innocent class?


Well, you can't shithead.

Because we won't take it.

And when we get your position,

We shall take it.

And we shall not fake it,

And pretend to be worthy...

We shall teach students as they need to be taught.

We shall not blame the students of the future for our mistakes.

We shall not tell them that they are failures because we did not teach them right.

We shall NOT be like you!

We shall be better!

We are the hope and future of this nation.


Hey there,


Fuck off.


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