Hey Summer

Hey summer, are you gonna kill me?
We only been together for 21 years see,
When you come families break in pieces,
Deaths are never solved like some kept secret,
Every fucking year, more bloods just seeping,
A couple bodies just laid out on the curve,
Its your heat, It just strangles the hood,
Have the whole world saying, "summer use to be good"
People cruising in missing door hummers,
Now we running ducking for cover straight ruining summer,
They packin heat, loadin every gun up,
One wrong word and they lighting your only son up,
And if you jump in they'll turn into a runner,
If you don't move you'll just be the next under,
Sorry man, I'm just trying to believe there's hope,
Don't want my family to be next to cope,
But lets make way for what I'm trying to say,
Summer... I think I need some time away


So I'm done for now, So one for now,
I might leave forever, I know we had fun together,
But all good must come to an end,
Please save the rest of my friends,
Peace out summer.


_Shaun Poet


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