Hey! Remember Me?

Dear You,


Do you remember

the way we used to be?

I don't,

not anymore.

Now, I find myself staring at old photos,

asking who you were.

I remember the days before the separate houses,

the days before the fears,

the days before you left.

I smiled more then.

I know I smile now

but it's not the same kind.

Now it's tight-lipped, 




You left seven years ago,

but you came back once,

or twice, since then.

Why can you never stay?

I tried so hard,

and it wasn't enough for you.

Am I not worthy?

Do I not deserve you?


I find glimpses of you now,

not often,

but they're there

in her smile.

She reminds me of you,

and I miss you once more.

But not in the same way.

In the way, 

you miss someone extra

because you know you'll see them again,

soon, but not soon enough.


I'm not sure when I'll see you,

but in case I don't notice you right away,

I just wanted to say

hello Happiness,

it's been a while.




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