Hey Friend

Hey friend.

I just wanted you to know

Your really awesome.

Remember last month

When we stayed out late?

When the sun went down

And we freaked out when

That scary dude came out

Of nowhere? Only to realize

It was way past our bedtime.

Or were we just really drunk?

Hey Friend.

Did I tell you you were awesome?

Remember when we saw that scary

Dude last week?

When you told me he was

Following you?

I took your hand and we

Ran as fast as our legs

Could take us.

Hey Friend.

You are really awesome.

Remember when I told you I

Saw that same man Friday?

When I spotted him as I

Was undressing in my room.

When he somehow forced his way

Into my house.

How did he know I was alone?

I guess he was that same man

Who lived a few houses down.

You know, the one those annoying

Parents said to avoid beacuse

He was bad news.

You don't remember beause

I never got to tell you.

Hey Friend.

Ok seriously how awesome

Could you be?

Remember you cried all

day everyday since Friday,

Beacuse you could never see

Me again?

How my annoying parents

Cried with you?

They're not annoying anymore.

Thanks for caring.

One last thing.

Hey Friend.

Ok I always told you

That you were awesome,

But now I'm telling

You to be safe,

Because that man is

Back at it again.

He's wasn't following you.

He was following me.

Now it's your turn.

Hi friend.

Do you remember how you

Got here?

Do you remember that

Man who raped you

And left you dying

Behind the trash cans?

I guess you didn't

Get my warning.

We finally meet again.

So I just want to

Start off by saying...

Hey Friend.


















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Our world


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