Herself in Disguise


Herself in disguise

why doesn't she like what she sees?


Because i think she is beautiful, talented, and amazing yes indeed.

I guess it doesn't matter what i think...

Because when she looks in the mirror she is still so mean.

she takes criticizing words people call her to the extreme.

I just don't understand how sick people can be.


Some inivduals don't approve of her, so they call her rude names that make her sad.

So she wears this unreconizable face, and creates a new image to be what they call "rad".

Then people call her fake, and new insulting names knowing that this makes her mad.

She wants to believe these people are her friends,but they just stab her in the back.


What she doesn't understand is that she is beautiful, and herself.

She doesn't have to try to be like anybody else.

Because that is how we were made

Strong and unique

And it doesn't matter what other people think!




MVP-Most Valuable Poet

powerfully said

life is about standing out, not fitting in

be yourself, put god #1, and let everythig take care itself

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