Here I Am Among the Four

Wed, 04/29/2015 - 00:17 -- KetKat


United States
34° 4' 44.778" N, 118° 0' 45.9108" W

Here I am standing in the shadows of light

Here I am whispering curses and blessings

Here I am standing in the glory of Famine

Drinking the blood of the fallen 

Eating the flesh of the living

Here I am robbing the dreams of the sleepless

Here I am laying the restless 

Here I am watching the joys of war

Caressing the hate of the lovers

Stroking  the pain of the strong

Here I am beckoning the weak to fight

Here I am calling the ill to stand

Here I am sustaining the will of pestilence

Bathing the wealth in bile

Corrupting all perfection into sin

Here I am creating graves

Here I am disturbing the soulless

Here I am walking through the valley of death

Singing out from the emptiness of nothing 

Calling the light from the darkness

Here I am between the Four 

Here I am the Four say my Name

Here I am the end of days

Here I am the Four call out to me Here I am...

 Apocalypse is here to stay 


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