Herbert Hoover


Herbert Hoover was his name

West Branch,IA is from where he came

the food administration was his thing

until he became 31st president of the USA


The Great Depression was no delay 

it brought to much to dismay

the stockmarket crashed too bad

people now walk with a sad face

they should have realized there was no race


Hoover tried to stop the speculation

things went to fast into an accumulation

there was no time for sensation


working day and night in the drought

it was to tough to dig a way out


Every nickel,dime,dollar that he made

went to charity to fill lost days

he didn't want to make money

he worked what he had to fufill a country


With little success and so much debt

Hoover didn't want to fret

because before we knew

he didn't last through re-election 1932

the democrats pulled through


In the end he died in New York City

it had to be tragedy

living a past of misery

with noone left to feel his pity.



Courtney Rock









I am from Iowa so I thought it was neat that I played basketball, and ran track against the kids from West Branch,Iowa. it was only 15 minutes away from my hometown and they were definitely our rivals.

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