Her words at night

Mon, 08/22/2022 - 09:55 -- Zanies

     I walk into my lonely home

the time it a little past 11

I shoot a text to her "Hey love, I'm home."

Time to unwind while I think of her beauty

she stays in my thoughts as I walk to the shower

I wonder what she is doing or what we will talk about or how

she is amazing to talk to and relaxes my mind

I eat, shower, take an hour

a break to have that peaceful quite before her

     I eagerly pick up my phone to text her

This conversation is meaningless

everything is compared to her voice.

She finally implies a phone call

and I press the little green button

She asks about my day

God- I love that she cares

I tell her how important she is

I tell her what she is worth through 12:06am

what she means to me?

my happiness is this girl.

     She is so silly in how she plays

she googles conversation topics

she keeps me entertained 

she makes fun jokes and laughs

"I hope my kids are just like you...no, I hope they're ours."

She is quite too long, no

I messed up again didn't I?

I call her name and she answers 

Her breath is shaky and her voice wavers...crying

I attempt to soothe my beauty 

She assures me it's fine

"Darling, my tears are happy.", she tells me.

We close these colorful conversations around 2am

Her voice lingers in my mind

     I want her for life 

I'm scared this won't last

I love her, I do

This one's gonna hurt...


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