Her Salted Kiss


 Her Salted Kiss

Scars, scrapes, bruises.

inevitable remarks that tell a story

her salted ocean breeze whispers in my ear

strands of my sandy blonde hair dance across my cheeks

shallow waves crash and kiss my ankles

peace is at my fingertips

the sun radiates and remishes her beauty

my tattered, oversized sweater sweeps down to kiss the crystal water

I dont mind, simply because nothing is more beautiful than mother nature herself

peace is at my fingertips

the nature of beauty is a gift among itself

anyone can look beautiful with an extraordinary background.

embracing that beauty is what makes someone extraordinary without the background

peace is at my fingertips

I giggle, I touch, I feel.

everything mother nature has to offer.

Never taking anything for granted.

Embracing every moment that arises.







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