her name is ana


United States
33° 33' 57.1716" N, 116° 10' 59.5452" W

she sings me to sleep with a dark lullaby and convinces me it's peaceful

she's the first one home and the first one to leave

but she never stays gone for long

she's an unwelcomed guest who demands to be welcomed and

in return i welcome her with frail open arms and a slow beating heart

she tells me what it's supposed to be like and i believe her

but it never is, it's always worse and

she insists it's okay it's for the best and

it's in your best interesst and

this is going to be great

but it never is, it's always worse and

yet she screams DON'T YOU LEAVE ME HERE

and i cry as the medicine takes her away screaming it's okay

but it never is, it's always worse




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