Her Majesty

She wears a crown

but only in her games

She wants power

Because she's scared to lose control.


She built a castle of broken dreams

And called it her safe haven

Everyday she crosses a river of tears

As she journeys to her fortress.


 Here she is queen

And she gets to make the rules 

She executes her enemies

And the man of her dreams is her prince charming.


She looks in a mirror  

And it talks back to her

Telling her she is the most beautiful in the land

Here in her fairytale she is never truly alone.


And then the game ends

And she is no longer a princess 

Walking home down roads made of dust and rubble

To be welcomed by a house made of fears.


She hesitates to open the door

Not wanting her fantasy to end

But she knows she can’t hide forever

So she walks into the doorway of her reality.


The bottles lie as she had left them

And the cigarettes are still burning

The walls this house is built on cannot muffle the screams

They echo through the empty rooms like ghosts searching for a purpose.

And once again the tears fall 

And the dreams drift away 

As she waits for the next day

Where she will venture out to her palace 

And once again be her majesty.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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