Her Kind of Love


A mother Junco has two chicks from the same mate.

Some more mates come and go.

Two more beautiful baby birds are welcomed.

With mother always moving,

they grow up without me, learning how

to spread their own wings.               

With no role model, how can they fly?


Perhaps they learn the way of the mother.

The adult female Junco has spreads her wings.

She goes where she knows

her babies will be protected.

Her nestlings will be well fed and

taken care of.


Here comes a new male coming to take the

 role of a father.

When will the mother be captivated

in just one loving relationship?


That is not the way of the female Junco.

Mother wants what’s best for us.

She goes just as she pleases, only

to have her babies in a stable nest.


There she goes;

in search of another mate.

I as the chick seem so helpless,

if only I could say we’re content

where we are at.

Then she’ll know.

She’ll know she has

shown us love, yet

hasn’t been loved.

If only she could see how she lives, is

when she will realize and trust in the one

who ultimately fearfully

and wonderfully created all

the chirping birds of the air.



That was so beautiful. I had tears in my eyes by the end.

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