Her God

Things are not what it seems

Sometimes we’re just a person’s dream

You see yourself as a misfit

But take a look at your life again

After you get done reading this shit

You have nothing to talk if you’re a rich kid

This is about a person whose life was given

And she almost risked it

To understand her story

You just have to live it

Smiles can really deceiving

She smiles all the time

How she does it is intriguing

A dad who wasn’t even there

Mom found out that he was leaving

Through everything that she’s been seeing

She has a life that’s hard to believe in

The story she told will be unfold

With her darkness that shines like gold

Her love and passion is amazingly bold

Six months premature

Doctor said her life will be done for sure

Only two pounds, small as a fist

They had no hopes, that was it

But her mother resists

Making sure the baby’s life will be one that exist

Nurtured and love unconditionally

Her mother left in a year eventually

Taken in by strangers “Uncle” and “Auntie”

As she grows she knows

Her life isn’t what it’s suppose

It gave her nothing and left her alone

So she questioned her birth

Is her existence really what it’s worth

The hopes her mother has put

Lost and feeling unloved

Without her mom, the emotional needs wasn’t enough

No love is like her mother’s love

Life keeps getting tough

Then fights broke out between them

Being in and out of the house was rough

Now this is when things fall apart for real

Now she’s figuring out ways to deal

With all the pain that she feels

Suicidal thoughts, depression reveals

She grabs a bottle of pills

She gets a chill

Thinking her want for happiness would be fulfilled

She sits still staring at these pills

She fears that it could get herself killed

But through the years she has fought

She throws the bottle

Having second thoughts

Second thoughts given from God

She saw that her life was a miracle

She can’t waste God’s creation

The love from Him is subliminal

Her happiness is from Him

It’s incredibly incredible

God created a gifted individual

Her story is exceptional

She’s staying loyal and faithful

She’s staying blessed and grateful

Her God is her life

The happiness is truly inside

Smiles are there for reasons

God’s been with her through the seasons

God’s in her heart and mind

Her is happiness is really divine

“Life is too short to not be smiling all the time”


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