Her cry

Thu, 01/30/2014 - 18:17 -- caloeh


Darkness falls upon the trees,

The wind whistles between the leaves,

Woosh, Woosh, 

She runs, fast like a deer running from a hunter,

"Where am I? Where am I?!"

She thinks to herself, not knowing where to go,

To take the left path or the right path,

both leading to nowhere that she knows of,

"Is there anyone out there? Anyone?! Help!"

She wails in the darkness,

but no sound, only the soft whistle blowing pass her ears,

"How is this possible? I was just with them."

She questions herself, yet no answer,

Where did they all go?

"Gone, gone, they're all gone..."

She weeps in the Darkness, going anywhere her two feet could take her





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