Sat, 01/30/2016 - 22:01 -- rlerma

Its her the one I love the one I care about with all my heart, Her. She adds the light to my eyes and the beat to my heart on this blank and empy island. Its in her dark brown hair that i find cover from the evil that surounds us, when I feel weak and afraid i can count on the sweet scent from her hair to take me back home and feel protected it is in her eyes that i can acctually see home and not this blank and empty cave. it is in her beautiful smile i find happiness and the curage to smile and continue to live alone with her on this blank and dry excuse for a home. it is in her comforting ouch that i find the most relaxing place on earth the way she holds me and makes the world stop right in its teracks just long enough for me to realize that i am finally able to relax and let go of the world. finaly it is in her heart that i still live life to its fullest extent and take everyday one step at a time so when you ask the question what or who i would take i would take her the perfect girl with me.

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