Help Earth

Covid becoming vivid 19 it'll kill your dreams
One day this country will be free
Sincerely this virus has to be greedy
Newly found in our CBD
Please just bring back CPT
Worldly pandemic has the globe stressing
Is it a disease or Godly entity telling humans to flee
Haven't seen insect threats or fleas
Like Ebola vanished magically
Lockdown caused me to read
Expanding my horizon and imaginary
Profusely trying
Better self better health
No more i could as for except make my country well
Feeling like hell on earth
Homosapiens need to prove their worth
From dawn to dusk
Truly we are all star dust
Waiting on a universal reflux
Influx of wealth can't help the wind gusts
Nature controls all so we don't actually rush
Getting through this with a smile is a must
Its a nail in the earths crust

This poem is about: 
Our world


Mohamed Tahir

We need to take Covid-19 more seriously.

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