I walk around in school everyday. Looking down at my feet as I say "I'm okay." It gets hard, I get weak. I look at the kids around me to see if they'll speak. 

No, they don't understand how I feel. They won't think this feeling is real. Like so many others, I have yet to be seen. The fragile weak girl, who can never find her dream.

There's people like me, somewhere out there. People like me, with someone who cares. We all feel alone, in our own special way. We all hear the song, "Help someone today."

Help someone who looks like you. Maybe not on the outside but on the inside they do. Help someone who looks like they'll cry. Help someone, or atleast try. A hug or more can help someone new. Speaking to someone will help someone too. Depression in kids is a really big issue. You can help someone by giving them a tissue. Help someone depressed like me, help someone to set them free.

They go through school like they've never been seen. You only write once, So I write to save the teens.


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