Hello, Nice to Meet You


If life were a dream then maybe it would all be worth it.

Maybe I wouldn't have to pretend to be someone else.

I could tower over centuries of the blooming misery that once corrupted me.


But I can't.


My fate is foreseen, and mama you keep this plundering force down upon me.

I could have soared over the blue tinted sky.

I could have been someone you didn’t want.

I could have smelled the seductive roses at night.

My life is being crushed and shattered apart.

My hopes being torn apart.

Into shreds.


These vivid cut figures on my vivacious mask can no longer hide the true feelings inside.

I want to touch the clouds,

And mama I want to be the someone I want.

Shatter and break me, but mama I don’t need fixing.


Mama let me be who I want to be and let me take the mask off, and show you who I really wanted to be.

And love me for the being I always wanted to be.

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