Hello, Beautiful

Hello beautiful,
I'll write you letters in blood.
Intestines and organs.
I'll play you songs on a single string
And sourly sing along.
I'll make a book of ideas.
Then never show them off.
Hello beautiful,
I'll never tell you that I love you.
Honestly I do.
I hide out in your bathroom,
When it's dark in my mind.
And maybe if I'd kissed you.
She'd never come out to play.
Such a pretty visitor.
To satiate my need for lust and heartache.
Hello beautiful,
I'm crying under my outer actions.
Bathing in apathetic nothingness.
Meditating on my wonder in dark corners of basements.
Kiss me, lovely,
It only lasts awhile
You're sad and apathetic too.
I'll never kiss you



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