Hellenistic Polytheism

I have been a pagan since I was a young child
I never knew exactly which branch I belonged in
I knew I wasn't Wiccan or Druid
I couldn't be Celtic or Norse
None of it felt right

It was sudden when I found my place
Like the universe calling me forth
To tell me how I foolishly overlooked
A feeling I have always had
I used to often say to myself
"If only I could worship the Greek Gods and still be Pagan"
I thought I had too many Pagan views to simply let go
I never thought to explore the different variations in my own religion
I was too afraid I would lose my faith

Aletheia called to me
Beckoned me with her whispers of truth
Just as Apollo shouted in my ear
Sign after sign
Why was I so blind?
My love of poetry, archery and tarot
My desire for truth, knowledge and understanding
All were guided by the hands of the Gods and Goddesses waiting for me to open up
Hermes stubbornly complained as I ignored his guidance for my love of language and culture, of travel and translating
Aphrodite waited patiently for me to notice her benevolence guiding me into self love and acceptance

I am a Hellenistic Pagan
I worship the 12 Olympian Gods of Olympus
I am a believer of the minor Gods and Goddesses
I know it seems silly, stupid, and rediculous
But when you are pulled by the universe
Guided to believe
You choose for yourself whether you feel stupid or liberated

I feel as if I am no longer alone
No longer stuck or trapped
I feel as if I have guidance
I am not ashamed in my beliefs
"Do as you will so long as you harm none"
The only 'rule' in my religion
Makes me feel free
As if I am not forced to believe or follow some extensive book of no's and yes's

I choose who guides me and when
And for me that is enough
I don't need to follow the path of everyone else
I can stand behind my beliefs with pride and acceptance
I live for me and me alone
I choose my life and my paths
I do not feel ashamed

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