The Height of the Fight


listless, fitness, kisses

nothing but wishes


the dull hum of life,

the burn in my arms and legs,

the lingering touch of your lips,

is this how it's supposed to be?

I live for the fight,

looking for the love of my life,

but yet I still feel dead inside.

she's too close, he's too far away,

you ask too many questions

what are they wanting me to say?

it's time to make decisions,

it's time find your passions.

I'm too young, I argue

why is everyone thrown into factions?

what's the point of figuring out life now

when you're given a lifetime for just that?

listless, fitness, kisses

who cares if I'm broken.

this feeling of blackness inside

is only a result of your pressure and lies.

the burn of my muscles,

the taste of your lips,

they're my only true escape of all this. 

so let me live.

so let me decide.

I think it's time for all of us to blindly hop on this ride.

because we've got as much time in this life as we want

just live it like the ocean and its tide.

keep fighting, searching, satisfying

until it no longer feels like a chore,

until elecricity contracts my muscles

and my lips are in unison with yours.

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