Fri, 07/11/2014 - 14:24 -- YETTIIE

I'm more than my GPA, awards, achievements, and brain,
I'm more than your malevolent words that slips through my finger nail,
I'm more than your sat scores and application requirements,
I'm human not a Baggage on a 4.0 scale,
I'm more than your verdict that's so plain,
You make my effort seem all in vain,
There you go again like the king kong of this city,
You say you're my friend yet you titter at my adversity,
Your callous smile that makes me ache,
I feel your bare eyes on my skin,
Your relentless chatter at the back of the class makes the hair at the back of my neck stand,
I wonder how you sleep at night thinking you're perfect,
You're nothing more than an abstract of an original portrait,
You live in your fantasy world were you're the princess,
Well you're nothing more than worthless
I'm more than the tender words you whispered in my ear,
Saying the three words I LOVE YOU doesn't mean you care,
I'm more than your sleazy expectations,
I'm undeniably more than my rack and sass, Your prejudice remarks that brings tears to my eyes,
I hear what your doing but I don't make a sound,
Six feet buried beneath the ground of my thoughts and emotions,
I wonder if you'd hear me?
Would you see through the artificial smirks and see a bleeding soul or would you see the cracks on the wall of my heart?
I guess you wouldn't see a portion of it because to you I'm just another bird,
Well guess what,
I'm a lady not some fucking bird that flies
So leave with all your lies,
I'm more than the last burning star,
I'm more than the expensive wine at the bar,
Your great expectations makes the ground beneath my feet crack,
i'm not just another girl in the family,
I'm more than your coarse words,
Every mistake I make is everyone's business, I'm more than my imperfections,
I'm more than the girl you want me to be,
If you bothered to take a look,
You'd see a girl with no serer,
I'm more than your judging words that whispers failure in my ear,
I'm more than my genes and DNA,
Being related doesn't mean character has to match,
To the world I'm somebody but to you I'm just another batch
I'm more than the gorgeous smiles,
I come from 50,000 miles
The colour of my skin shouldn't be of importance,
The way I dress shouldn't be the greatest felony,
I'm more than the country I came from,
My traditions and beliefs doesn't mean I'm an alien,
I'm more than your vindictive words that burns through the layers of my skin,
My accent shouldn't amuse you the way it does,
The way I write shouldn't be your hottest gossip,
The way I walk shouldn't be a viral video,
I'm more than the girl you see and just say bye
I'm more than what meets the eye,
If I could say something to all of you; it'd be that there are over seven billion people on this planet and if we were all the same the world would be a grave yard.


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