Heaven Sees

As I lay on my back face towards the heaven, 

I can't wait for our love affair to unfold.

As I close my eyes and pray to God you'll be all mine

You are the only one I wanna hold, 

You are everything I dream of, everything I need

The love that I have for you, only Heaven Sees.

I'm falling for you, never wanting to let go,

And when I hold you in my arms the love just flows.

You make me feel good inside, 

Like there's no other woman I should be beside

I can honestly say, I want you in my life,

Who knows maybe one fine day, you'll want to be my wife.

You fill my heart full of love when you're next to me,

Life with you will just fulfill my fantasy

You are are everything I dreamed of, everything I need,

The love I have for you, only Heaven Sees.


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I like how the author wrote this poem,expressing how he's feeling


Thank you

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