Heaven wafts through the house

Smoked brisket, mac n' cheese,

Mom's homemade cookies


Ava excitedly talks to me 

About Achievement Hunter

Those crazy guys are at it again


I hear Tom's lively guffaw

Filling the family room

In between tweets


Laurie's eyes shine

As she sings of France

That our favorite memory


Mallie eats food that is not hers

Mika doesn't seem to mind

Murphy simply smiles and exists


Matthew's amicable persona 

Sits with LA cap close at hand

Behold; my iconic cousin


Mom mixes a salad

While chatting away gaily

Her radiance ties the house together


Melissa giggles a classic giggle

While at my arm in the middle of it all

She is undoubtedly one of us


My father surveys with wise and charming gaze

I look to him with adoration and pride

For he is the master of it all


This close family's table is set

Crammed with more chairs than it can hold

But in Love there is always room for one more


I sit overwhelmed

Surrounded by warmth unchanging

I shed a tear at this happy reunion


Once wafted from the kitchen 

Now holds my heart

Memories of this heaven never fade



This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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