Hearts of Lovers

Sun, 06/19/2022 - 13:41 -- Creator

This high-flowing day decides grinding verses of nerves

Sky is set to seduce fate out of Time’s lips and Ambition’s room

Each moment defines sipping lenses of escape

The sparkling appellation has somewhere to be than in glasses 

Rich bars of Earth's freshest cacao seed kernels set the charm

Ocean’s wonders and sky’s worth copy major celestial legacies

Beauty arranges league of rocky leads angling whirling nervous will

Dual hyphenating sensual fluidity streams horizontal tangos 

Ecstasy’s assets access intimate ambition within ocean of scents

Where inorganic chemistry sails with grace, race, and space 

Clear energy feeds duo hearts with gasping sensual laughter 

They go on the floor of yeast honor to the noble roof of olives

Keepers find this fine luxury to treasure in bounds of chi friendship.  

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Our world
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