A heart for a Heart


A hospital
United States

A heart for a heart.  A strong one, a weak one. A mother's, a daughter's. The doctors say my mother's strong body  Could save my weakened heart. The doctors say I could be Saved from my mother's beating heart, That hers could nurse me back to health. I doubt it.  The doctors have a lot to say, And I let them talk, So that they may go home feeling they've Accomplished something. So that they can count the lives they've saved On their fingers and toes. I doubt it.  My heart becomes hers. Her heart, mine. And the hope I had that I might understand Her feelings, Her hopes, Her dreams. And the hope that I might have Some sympathy, compassion, empathy, Are thump-thump-thumping away. Maybe someday I'll get it. But I doubt it. 



This is not about getting an operation. It is the bond between a mother and daughter that I hope resonates throughout.

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