Heart of a Daughter

  I open my mouth to describe the love I have a woman. My speech isn't simply produced by modified vibrations in the area between my tranchea and pharnyx. 

  Bacteria and tube worms comes to my mental. The love I have for her starts in the trenches. The trenches of my heart, deep in the ocean, very hot. There arent many creatures who can survive within the heat, breathe in the deep. 
  Although at many times it is very dark, mother only sees the light from the sun near the surface. 
My waves shift. Calm, aggressive, depending on the weather. She is the moon guiding me. 
Though in the sky  I'm only able to be seen in November. The sagittarius sees the Pisces when she is invisible. 
Nine constellations separating us. Despite the divide it's Incredible how an archer gave birth to a fish. 
Two hearts 8 chambers. The 2nd heart cannot ever give and compare to what what was given by the 1st in exchange. The artistic ability of the Pisces sign attempt to poetically write cannot even describe. 
Mother I love you. To infinity and beyond. 
This poem is about: 
My family


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