Dear Nene

Can you hear me?

If you can please just squeeze my hand

I know it hurts you

No not the cancer in your breast

But the wound it has left

The friends it has made in your liver and your lungs

Spreading from place to place

I know it hurts you

No not the cancer

But the “treatment” you have endured

As it weakens your immune system

Giving you infection after infection

Sending you in and of the hospital

And all for what

To find out there will never be a cure

But i am sure you already knew that

Way before anyone else

So I have to ask why

Why stay

I understood your reasons at first

Because mine were exactly the same

I did not want you to leave us

I still can’t bear the thought

Of not hugging you ever again

But for you I want this


I do not care what you choose

Chemo or not

It won’t go away

And neither will I

Can you hear me Nene?

I will stay by your side

If you’re scared to let go

I will hold your hand

Until God has the other

If it is permission you are looking for

Then I give you my blessing

I know it hurts you

No not letting go

But leaving us

And Nene it hurts me too

But I won’t ever let you see it

I will hold back my tears

 By making you laugh

Can you hear me Nene?

If you can then listen good

No one blames you

I know you want to leave

 And that’s okay with me

Because I know the life you lived

Is the life you want?

And you can get that if you move on

Can you hear me Nene?

I will be sad when you leave

But it is not about me

And even if it was

I would not want you to stay

Because seeing you in pain

Is harder than you think

I know it hurts you

It’s okay to let go

No one thinks you are giving up

I know it is a fight

To make the choice

Of saying goodbye

Or putting up a front

Can you hear me Nene?

There is more strength in letting go

Then you will ever know

You are standing tall

Like a red rose

In a burning desert

No matter what you choose

Can you hear me Nene?

I make this promise to you

That will always be true

Everything will be okay  

Can you hear me Nene?

You are still my hero






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