hear me

i feel sad.

i feel sad because the world is angry.

i want to use my words to sooth its temper

but paper isn’t enough.

and when i shout them,

no one seems to hear me over the sirens and gunshots.

no one listens to me.


no one cares.

he didn’t care when she said stop.

when she said no.

when she said “PLEASE I DON’T WANT THIS”


no one listens.

not when it would become a burden on their backs,

especially when he has bruises on his.

we stay quiet to please

for our voices fall on deaf ears


life can be beautiful,

the tears from your eyes will

water the soil in the cracks of your broken home

and flowers will bloom.

we all die

our ashes left like whispers

cosmic dust floating in the aftermath.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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