He said that I'm &

He said that I'm "so smart"

And it was very sweet

And it gave me a moment where I wished that I had 

Given him a different answer.

But, at that time, I really wasn't ready.


He said that I'm "so smart"

And it was probably just a nice throwaway compliment 

And it should not be sticking with me as much as it is

Because he's probably moving on.

It would be selfish of me to ask him to wait, wouldn't it?


He said that I'm "so smart"

And she probably wants his attention

And in your mind she has liked him for a while and was

Glad that you turned him down

As she now has a chance.


He said that I'm "so smart"

And you want to divulge your fears

And why it is that you're so scared to really feel something new.

How could I ever offer myself to someone 

When I've sworn that I just can't, that my craft is to come first.


It hurts to be left behind so quickly,

Even if that's not the case.

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