He Loves Her


He Loves her

With every inch of him he does

Yet despite his biggest efforts

He gets no help from above.

But he knows he loves her

Though she may never know

Because every time his heart tries to tell her

His mind just tells him no.

He shouldn't love her

Cause shes a lost soul

Her mind is in an altered state 

And her morals are so-so.

But for some reason he loves her

So he begs her with pleading eyes

To see herself as he sees her

He doesn't want whats between her thighs,

Because he loves her

And that will never change

He promised to give her everything she wants

Eventually his last name...

And he will always love her

Though he knows that she needs help

So he made it his life goal

To help her love herself.




Seriously love this, so precious!


This is simply beautiful&meaningful.

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