He Knew How To Love

He Knew How to Love


He left with his head held high.

She asked him if he knew how to love,

He shrugged and she sighed…


He grinned as he shuffled on pavement.

She stared at an empty sky and cried,

“This is my payment?”


He met up with an old flame.

She cursed and slipped off her ring,

“I can't belive I took his last name!!!"


He laughed with an old flame.

She curled up in their bed,

“Does he feel the same..?”


He swept the girl away.

She waited for him to come home,

“Where has he been all day?"


He left her to be free and happy.

She was struck with a wretched thought,

“He always knew how to love…”


“He just couldn’t love me..”

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world



Ouch! This one hurts a lot especially this quote " He always knew how to love...He just couldn't love me."


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T. Talbott

Yeah, it's a tough but sometimes true realization people experience... Thanks for reading!

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