He Killed The Butterflies

Most girls know what its like 

That feeling waiting for daddy to come home

Sitting by the door

Listening for the car door to slam

The footsteps and the keys in the door


They know that when your mother says “go ask your father” they have a second chance 


They know what its like to be in elementary school excited for “doughnuts with dad”


What its like

Growing up and your dad scaring the hell out of any guy who dares steal his little girls heart

And double dog dares him to break it

The heart he helped create

The heart he strives to maintain


Maybe they had a song and they’d dance around the house


Or maybe he’d bring her flowers, just because it’s tuesday



They know the butterflies 

The ones you get right before he scoops you up and tells you he’ll never let you go

The feeling of excitement

Wings beating against your rib cage


I used to know

But now, they’re a warning


See the butterflies have this tendency to fly away when you open up your heart



 The butterflies that once fluttered in my chest fell dead in the pit of my stomach when i swallowed the poison from the last goodbye 


They died one by one from neglect

From a broken heart



And I’m told I will marry the man that is just like my father


Maybe he’ll give me flowers 

Maybe he’ll sing me a song


I just hope he doesn’t give me butterflies


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